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Starfield cities

The Settled Systems are home to four major Starfield cities and numerous minor settlements where you'll find quests, vendors, and NPCs.

Starfield cities

Sure, the expanse of space is fine, but we’re pretty sure the action can be found in the Starfield cities scattered throughout the Settled Systems. Starfield’s capitals and towns will be where you find the factions, the traders, and, if we know Bethesda as we do, probably somewhere you can get a stiff drink. Maybe best not to pilot your ship afterwards, eh?

For more help getting to know your way around this massive universe, check out our guides to the Starfield map. Or, if you want to find out who you might bump into in the city, try our Starfield NPC list and Starfield aliens guides.

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Starfield cities and capitals

With over 1000 planets in Starfield, the various factions need somewhere to call home, and each location comes with its own unique quests, challenges, and rewards. We’ve had brief glimpses of these cities in the Starfield trailer, and in various interviews. Each capital will be a hub for merchants, and a place for the weary Spacefarer to stretch their legs while picking up some of the Starfield missions on offer. As they host at least one faction each, you’re probably going to know these places like the back of your hand before too long.

Starfield’s cities look to be some of the most populated places in the Settled System, so we’re pretty sure a bulk of the narrative is going to take you on a whistle-stop tour of these varied locations.

From the long trailer at 2022’s Starfield showcase, we got a glimpse at the colorful streets of Neon, the watery world of New Atlantis, and the dusty dryness of Akila City. We’ve also since seen – but have fewer details on – the colony of Mars, Cydonia.

Akila City

Akila City is the home of the Starfield Freestar Collective and the city that looks like a throwback to Fallout New Vegas. It’s dusty, dilapidated, and dry, so we’re not surprised if your classic good guys call this place home – they always love a challenge.

It also sounds like a place where the ethos is fighting to survive given the constant attacks from nearby creatures. In various Bethesda interviews, developer commentary has told us “the city itself is home to a variety of people, but they all have one thing in common: they believe in the sanctity of personal freedom and individuality.” Considering that statement, we don’t expect Akila City to have a positive relationship with any galactic federation like the United Colonies.

Screenshot of the outside of Akila City, one of many Starfield cities


Earth was falling apart, and humanity looked to the stars for escape. Colonizing Mars, despite lacking an atmosphere or vegetation, seemed the best option. Humanity ventured forth and dug into the red soil and lay the foundations of Cydonia – one of the earliest off-world settlements. Largely underground and covered in dust, Cydonia appears to be a poor colony relative to its New Atlantis and Neon counterparts. But don’t be fooled, Cydonia is a thriving hub of mining for the United Colonies faction.

Being part of the Old Neighborhood does put Cydonia within spitting distance of Earth, though it has yet to be confirmed if we can revisit humanity’s birthplace.


Neon is the Starfield universe’s Vice City, built up from a small fishing port into a hustling and bustling city full of secrets. We don’t know what planet Neon belongs to, but we do know that it resides in the Vol II system. With Bethesda always keen to deal with adult topics, Neon seems to be the drug capital of its system, with local access to a powerful narcotic unavailable anywhere else. It’s no wonder both Starfield Ryujin Industries and the Xenofresh Corporation call Neon home.

A screenshot of the streets of Neon, one of the many Starfield cities

New Atlantis

New Atlantis is the biggest city to exist in a Bethesda game to date, with Todd Howard telling us, “it has all the services you would expect, and you can work on your ship there.” This capital is home to the United Colonies and Constellation, two of the primary factions in this space-faring epic. We feel like you’re going to get to know New Atlantis very well during your journey, so fly over to the planet Jemison as early as possible to get a lay of the land.

New Atlantis, one of the first Starfield cities you'll be visiting.

How many Starfield cities are there?

Considering Todd Howard has confirmed there are over 1000 Starfield planets, we’re expecting quite a few cities in Starfield. Of course, not all of these planets are set for civilization, with several making excellent outpost locations for resource gathering. With crew being hireable at your outposts, perhaps you’ll design a city or colony of your own. Just be sure to check out our Starfield planets guide to get the lay of the land.