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Starfield mechs arrive early thanks to the modding community

Among the many things missing from Starfield since launch, mechs have existed on the cutting room floor, but modders brought them back.

Starfield mechs arrive early thanks to the modding community

Bethesda may have plans to introduce Starfield mechs to the game officially at some point in the future, but that potential wait has been cut short thanks to one dedicated modder. Mech boss battles have arrived.

For anyone who has played Starfield extensively, the lack of Starfield mechs is a bit of a puzzle. Entire graveyards of mechs are present throughout the Settled Systems, and you can even find suitcases of illegal Mech Components in mundane containers. Yet, while the parts exist, the parts can be traded, and the suits are known to be powerful in battle, why does no one use them anymore?

Well, the in-game reason states that mechs were outlawed following the end of the Colony War, but this doesn’t explain why criminal elements, particularly the Crimson Fleet, refuse to revive mech technology.

From a player’s perspective, not only would mechs be incredible to pilot if Bethesda added them into the game, but fighting a three story titan of metal, laser and hatred would make for a great boss.

Luckily for you, Starfield modder Inquisitor has built a Mech Overlord and set it up as an epic boss battle, with Starfield legendary weapons and legendary armor up for grabs as your reward.

Screenshot of the Starfield mech overlord created by Starfield modder "Inquisitor".

While you can’t pilot this mech, you will find its 200,000 health pool a real challenge to get through if you don’t have corrosive or elemental effect weapons. 

At present, the mech features energy and traditional machine guns, and can easily whittle your health down to zero if you don’t take cover. 

We hope that Inquisitor will expand the mech’s weaponry lineup to make for an even more challenging battle. Inquisitor has, as of their Mech Overlord Boss mod, published 128 mods by themselves. It’s an astounding effort from one of many incredible modders in the community who continue to publish quality Starfield mods, and better flesh out the Settled Systems. 

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