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There’s a new Starfield update, but don’t get excited…

Starfield receives a hotfix for photo mode and NPC dialog, but fans aren’t happy with the lack of DLC news and modding support.

There’s a new Starfield update, but don’t get excited…

Seven months down the line from Starfield’s launch, and official Starfield modding support is nowhere to be seen. Even with all the recent Starfield updates which have addressed hundreds of bugs, fans aren’t satisfied with the lack of news on Starfield’s first DLC, the release of the Creation Kit 2, and the content that was promised for early 2024.

On March 26, 2024, Bethesda announced via Twitter that a new hotfix for Starfield was available, addressing an issue with the recently expanded Starfield photo mode, and an NPC bug that caused looping dialog. That’s it. That’s the full update. No word on the Shattered Space DLC. No word on the Creation Kit 2. No word on the “travel improvements” or in-game city maps. 

Starfield was expected to receive major content updates and modding support in early 2024 after Bethesda announced a rough roadmap for upcoming content. As Bethesda themselves stated “Beginning early next year, […] you’ll have access to a new Creation Kit.” Unfortunately, “early” 2024 is coming to a close, as many fans were quick to point out on Twitter in response to Bethesda’s latest Starfield update.

Further, the vast majority of Starfield fans who responded to Bethesda’s announcement expressed disappointment at the lack of content in the latest update.

“Where’s the Creation Kit 2?” Twitter user Reclamoria asked. 

“This bugfix doesn’t even merit a post,” says LockesChopShop.

Of course, any fixes and updates are welcome considering the number of Starfield bugs that remain to be fixed, but fans are clearly wanting more. In fact, fans are practically champing at the bit to dive into more advanced Starfield mods that benefit from official mod tools, and the upcoming Starfield DLC. However, Bethesda are remaining tight-lipped on both subjects, leading to a great deal of frustration among fans.

Hopefully, Bethesda will break their silence, and give fans something to look forward to for Starfield in 2024. Make sure to follow Starfield Db to catch that announcement, and tell us what you think of the latest hotfix in our Starfield forum.