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Walter Stroud

Walter is a very successful businessman in the Settled Systems, and the Constellation faction’s financier.

Walter Stroud
SummaryThe primary financial backer of Constellation and co-owner of starship manufacturer Stroud-Ecklund.
LocationThe Lodge, New Atlantis
Crew MemberNo

Walter Stroud joined Constellation in 2321. Already known as the co-owner of Stroud-Ecklund – one of the Settled Systems’ most successful starship manufacturers – Stroud became Constellation’s primary financial backer.

All of which makes it more surprising that Stroud is seemingly neither interested in exploration or the Artifacts. In fact, Walter’s only interest seems to be in money, which might go some way to explaining his success in the business world. As he’s fond of saying: “anything goes as long as you have the money.”

Walter’s skills

It doesn’t seem likely that Walter would fare well in a firefight. Outpost management on the other hand could suit him very well, assuming he doesn’t mind being marooned on a deserted outpost rather than lounging around in the luxurious hotels of Jemison.