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Starfield outpost locations

We’re looking out for the best Starfield outpost locations, so you can get Sarah Morgan and Barret to work somewhere with a little flair.

Starfield outpost locations

With places to visit all over the Settled Systems, we’re keeping our eyes open for the best Starfield outpost locations. While it’s easy enough to open up a new outpost in just about any corner of the galaxy, some locations are a little more picturesque, while some offer an abundance of resources. So, we’ve rounded up the best custom Starfield outposts we’ve seen so far, to provide you with a little inspiration for somewhere to land.

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So, let’s find somewhere to land with our picks for the best Starfield outpost locations.

Screenshot of an outpost looking over New Atlantis for best custom and fan-made outpost designs guide

New Atlantis Overlook

This Starfield outpost looks over the majestic city of New Atlantis and shows just how a great location can make a home really feel like home. The benefit of this location is that you’re close to plenty of amenities, with just a short trip to The Well if you need to pick up any supplies, while there is also an abundance of local resources to collect for crafting.

Screenshot of the Starfield moon overlook outpost for best Starfield outpost designs page

Moon Overlook

Most of Starfield’s moons are perfect for outposts, so we’re including this Moon Overlook option on our list of the best Starfield outpost locations. This particular location sees an outpost on top of a rocky mound, looking out over the various resources you can get your NPC crewmates to collect. We’re not sure exactly what moon it is, as the creator didn’t leave a comment, but you can easily recreate the design on most of the available moons, and they almost all make for ideal Starfield outpost locations.

We’re still looking for more entries on our list of the best Starfield outpost locations. If you have any suggestions, head over to our Starfield forum to let us know.