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Redditors think you can make your own space zoo filled with Starfield pets

Starfield pets could follow you around the universe or become the foundation for a whole menagerie back at base.

Redditors think you can make your own space zoo filled with Starfield pets

Redditor Aznilson has sparked a conversation on Starfield pets and the ability to take creatures from one planet to another. As they put it, “Seeing as there will be a bunch of alien creatures throughout the Starfield universe, I hope there will be some way to catch and transport them to your base.”

Aznilson’s prompt soon ignited the community’s imagination for a space zoo, or something akin to Starfield’s version of Noah’s Ark.

There is a historical precedent for pets and tameable animals in previous Bethesda games, so capturing creatures and transporting them off-world isn’t as far fetched as some on Reddit initially thought. As Reddit user pokota03 pointed out: “Fallout 4 had DLC that let you catch different creatures in cages so players could have them fight or pacify them to add to settlement defense.”

Pets have also appeared in previous Bethesda titles. From the Skyrim Hearthfire DLC’s pet crabs to Fallout’s own Dogmeat companion, the framework for tameable animals already exists in the Creation Engine. With Starfield using the Creation Engine 2, a small hope pervades that this feature will see a return in Starfield. LuchaGhost hoped to have “a cat or dog that just hangs out on your space station or ship!”

Some Redditors were quick to point out that, even if Bethesda does not include Starfield pets or tameable creatures in the base game, Starfield mods and DLC could add the functionality into Starfield. As horridlyvertical put it, “Starfield is about to be one of the biggest modding platforms gaming has ever seen.”

With Starfield Direct only days away, the hype surrounding Starfield is reaching a fever pitch. Hopefully the upcoming showcase will show us more information surrounding Starfield’s creatures, outposts, and whether we can tame the numerous animals we encounter and make them our pets.