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Starfield Petria is a Starfield Planet in the Lunara system, which you can visit when flying your spaceship.

Body Type Planet
System Lunara
Surface Type Rock
Temperatures Cold
Resources Copper, Fluorine, Water, Lead, Tetrafluorides

Petria overview

Petria is one of 1694 Starfield planets in the Settled Systems. Petria is a Rock type Planet with a gravity strength of 1.06. It is located in the Lunara system, and has a Cold climate.

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Petria resources

By performing a scan of Petria from orbit, you will be able to see how many resources Petria has, and where they are distributed if you wish to build a resource extractor at an outpost. Should you land on the planet, you can find small resource nodes scattered throughout the environment. By using your scanner, you can mine these Starfield resources and add them directly to your inventory.

Here are all the Starfield resources you can find on Petria: