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Rivera V

Starfield Rivera V is a Starfield Planet in the Rivera system, which you can visit when flying your spaceship.

Rivera V
Body Type Moon
System Lantana
Surface Type Rock
Temperatures Cold
Resources Chlorine, Copper, Iron, Water, Alkanes, Lead, Tantalum

Rivera V overview

Rivera V is one of 1694 Starfield planets in the Settled Systems. Rivera V is a Ice Giant type Planet with a gravity strength of 1.02. It is located in the Rivera system, and has a Deep Freeze climate.

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Rivera V points of interest

Most Starfield planets will generate a number of locations you can visit, so your experience may vary from other players who visit Rivera V. Fortunately, there are a number of locations that have a fixed planet to call home. Below, you will find both procedural locations you are likely to find on Rivera V, and fixed locations such as important settlements and buildings.

Here are all of the notable locations you can find on Rivera V:

Notable Rivera V NPCs

Located in various locations on Rivera V are a number of named NPCs who can provide you with unique quests and opportunities. You might also be able to recruit some of them to join your Starfield crew at an outpost or aboard your ship.

Rivera V missions

While exploring Rivera V, you can begin the following Starfield missions: