Unity overview

Unity is a Starfield Main quest. Like all other Starfield missions, you can find the full details of Unity in your mission log, and you can easily find your next objective location by following the quest marker, or by entering the scanner mode and following Starfield’s breadcrumb trail.

Unity is preceded by High Price to Pay, and followed by In their Footsteps.

A companion has perished, but your quest has not. Matteo has a lead to follow regarding the “Unity” mentioned by The Hunter.

You can begin Unity by interacting with Matteo Khatri.

Unity objectives

Most Starfield missions consist of several objectives that you must complete to advance the quest. As you complete each objective, your journal will be updated with the next objective.

Specific objectives and checkpoints have not yet been confirmed for this Starfield mission.

Unity reward

Completing Unity provides the player with 250 experience.

Some quests also provide additional rewards.

Rewards for this quest have not yet been confirmed.

No additional rewards have been confirmed.

Unity walkthrough

Our Starfield Unity walkthrough has all the steps you need to make it through this main story quest. This one involves a fair bit of traveling, so be sure to pick one of the ships up to the job.

  1. Talk to Matteo Khatri to trigger the meeting. He’ll suggest you should speak to Keeper Aquilus at the Sanctum. He’ll send you to talk with a member of the House of Va’ruun and the Enlightened.
    • The House of Enlightenment can be found in The Well. Speak to Singh to get the information you need.
    • The Va’ruun prisoner can be found in the UC building near the spaceport.
  2. Return to Keeper Aquilus. Tell him what you’ve learned and he’ll help you reveal the coordinates for the next step in your journey.
  3. Land at Pilgrim’s Rest on Indum II. Use your scanner to search for the Pilgrim’s writings here, and gain access to The Pilgrim’s room. The final piece of the Pilgrim’s writing will tell you where to head next. Head to Hyla II. Land at the marked landing site and proceed forward.
  4. Interact with the glyphs, using them to move the beam of light up, down, left, or right. Place the beam over the last star of the constellation (the ‘Scorpion’s Tail’) to proceed.
  5. Chart a course for the Oborum Prime system, and head to the orbit of Oborum IIIto complete your mission.

With that, our Starfield Unity walkthrough is complete. If you’re having any trouble with our guide, head over to our Starfield forum to let us know how we can improve it.

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