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Alien Reanimation

Alien Reanimation
Effect Summon a duplicate spacefarer to battle by your side.
Cost 45

Alien Reanimation overview

Alien Reanimation is one of 24 Starfield powers which you can collect as of completing the Into the Unknown mission.

Powers offer unique boosts which can be used infinitely. A small recharge is required between each use of Alien Reanimation, with the recharge being determined by the power’s energy cost. The higher the cost, the longer the recharge and delay between each cast.

In the case of Alien Reanimation, each use requires 35 energy. Energy replenishes automatically over time, but can be boosted by consuming Quantum Essence – an item dropped by Starborn enemies.

Every power you find will be located within an anomalous temple, which have a habit of spawning on random planets across playthroughs. The easiest way to find the next power is to speak with Vladimir Sall at The Eye, which will put a quest marker in your journal.

A single instance of Alien Reanimation is available in any one playthrough (including in New Game Plus if you haven’t already acquired the Alien Reanimation power). From New Game Plus onwards, you can boost the power of Alien Reanimation up to a maximum of ten times, with each level in Alien Reanimation improving the power’s ability.

Alien Reanimation in-game description: 

Life, gift of the cosmos, granted once more to a fallen alien beast, so that it may serve thankfully.