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Starfield New Game Plus

If you’re wondering whether you can blast off from the start in Starfield New Game Plus, our guide to your follow-up foray into space has all you need to know.

Starfield New Game Plus

If one trip through the universe isn’t enough for you, the Starfield New Game Plus game mode offers a second playthrough of Bethesda’s epic sci-fi RPG with a few notable differences. So, our guide to this first for the studios has everything we know so far about your second loop around the sun with the Starfield New Game+ mechanic and all the details you need to know before making the plunge.

Of course, before you go exploring all over again in Starfield’s New Game Plus mode, you’re first going to have to get your head around the wider universe of systems, planets, and locations. That isn’t the mention all the NPCs, companions, creatures, and enemies you may run into.

What is Starfield New Game Plus?

For the uninitiated, New Game Plus is a mechanic that allows you to start the game from the beginning once you’ve reached the end of your exploration and the main quest to find the Artifacts. More often than not, this mode becomes available once you reach the credits sequence, and that tradition continues with the Starfield New Game Plus mode. Just beware. There are spoilers for the main quest below. 

The Starfield ending involves some major breakthroughs about your character’s place in the universe, with the offer to transport into another dimension with new Starborn powers. Your mission ends at The Unity, where you get the option to leave this universe behind and find another in the Starfield New Game Plus mode. This involves leaving all your relationships behind, as well as all your equipment, Weapons, Ships, and resources. All that carries over is your level, skills, and powers.

On entering Starfield’s New Game + mode, you pick up some fancy new equipment in the form of some unique armor and an upgrade from the Frontier with the Starborn Guardian ship. From here, it’s up to you what you do, from completing some of the missions from your first playthrough to reintroducing yourself to Constellation and finding all the Artifacts once more. It’s worth pointing out that they’re in different places this time, adding a bit of variety to your New Game Plus experience.

How do I unlock Starfield New Game Plus?

To unlock the Starfield New Game Plus mode, you need to find all the Artifacts and complete the main quest with Constellation. After stepping through the portal to become Starborn, you find yourself in a familiar situation but with new information at the beginning of the One Small Step (NG+) mission. However, you now have new dialogue options to reference your experience in the last universe you called home, much to the shock of those who will listen.

There have been suggestions from both Bethesda staff and those reviewing the game that things really get interesting in the New Game Plus mode, and it’s worth speeding through the main story on your first playthrough to take things a little more seriously in your second attempt. Whichever approach you take is up to you, but the powers you pick up in Starfield’s New Game Plus mode completely change the way you can play, so if you want to witness the true power of the Starborn, collect those Artifacts as quickly as you can.

There you have it, all you need to know about the Starfield New Game Plus mechanic. To let us know how you get on in a new dimension, get over to our Starfield forum and do some posting.