All that Money Can Buy

All that Money Can Buy overview

All that Money Can Buy is a Starfield Main quest. Like all other Starfield missions, you can find the full details of All that Money Can Buy in your mission log, and you can easily find your next objective location by following the quest marker, or by entering the scanner mode and following Starfield’s breadcrumb trail.

All that Money Can Buy is preceded by Into the Unknown, and followed by Starborn.

Walter Stroud has a lead on an Artifact, but you’ll need to travel to the city of Neon and negotiate for the Artifact.

You can begin All that Money Can Buy by interacting with 2255.

All that Money Can Buy objectives

Most Starfield missions consist of several objectives that you must complete to advance the quest. As you complete each objective, your journal will be updated with the next objective.

Specific objectives and checkpoints have not yet been confirmed for this Starfield mission.

All that Money Can Buy reward

Completing All that Money Can Buy provides the player with 400 experience.

Some quests also provide additional rewards.

Rewards for this quest have not yet been confirmed.

No additional rewards have been confirmed.

All That Money Can Buy walkthrough 

Our Starfield All that Money Can Buy walkthrough is in a numbered list below. This quest involves some combat, so make sure your weapons are ready to go, just in case.

  1. Talk to Walter at the lodge to begin the quest. He wants you to come with him to Neon, where he plans to buy an Artifact.
  2. Jump to the Volii system. Land on Volii Alpha at the Neon landing site.
  3. Talk to Walter on the platform. He’ll direct you to the Stroud-Eklund offices in the Trade Tower.
  4. Talk to Issa Eklund at the offices. After some verbal sparring, Walter and Issa send you to the next stage. You can either investigate the seller of the Artifact or ask about security at The Astral Lounge.
  5. For Astral Lounge security, talk to Boone behind the bar. You can buy or persuade your way to getting the loyalty of the Lounge’s guards. Head upstairs and you can also hack the doors of the private meeting room to give you an advantage in the negotiations.
  6. Head to Newill’s Goods. Talk to James Newill and persuade him to tell you about the seller. He’ll direct you to a nearby building. Use your digipicking skills to access the seller’s computer.
  7. Return to Walter. Then head with him to the Astral Lounge.
  8. Look for the seller. They’ll have a large security case at their feet. Use the codephrase, ‘Ramsey and Travers’ to identify yourself to the seller. You may find them standing to the right of the bar.
  9. Head upstairs to begin the negotiation. You can get the seller to agree to the original price by utilizing your commerce and bargaining skills by reminding them that they’re desperate. Alternatively, you can grab the Artifact or lock the doors. Some options may get messy.
  10. You’ll be stopped by Slayton goons on the way out. You can either call in security, if you paid for them earlier, or persuade the Slayton agent to leave you be.
  11. Issa will be waiting for you on the way out. Slayton has impounded your ship. You’ve no choice but to go and deal with the situation.
  12. Head to Slayton Aerospace. Then it’s time to use those speech skills again to persuade the receptionist to let you take the elevator up to speak with Slayton.
  13. You’ll be trapped in the elevator, but Issa will contact you. Follow Issa’s instructions. She’ll lead you outside. Fight your way past the guards and follow the waypoint to the top of the tower.
  14. Once you meet Slayton, you can choose to fight him or just talk. In the next room, you’ll find the seller, Musgrove. You can decide his fate.
  15. Head back to your ship. Talk to Walter and he’ll give you a rare Maelstrom, Fiscal Quarter.

With that, our All that Money Can Buy Walkthrough is complete, and you can move on to the next mission. You should also get one of the many Starfield achievements for All That Money Can Buy, so you’ll know you’re done when that sweet little notification pops up on-screen. If there are any problems with this walkthrough, get over to the Starfield forum to see if there are any solutions.

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