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Job Gone Wrong

Job Gone Wrong is a mission you can find and complete in Starfield.

Job Gone Wrong
Location Akila City
Rewards Credits
XP Reward 150

Job Gone Wrong overview

Job Gone Wrong is a Starfield Freestar Collective quest. Like all other Starfield missions, you can find the full details of Job Gone Wrong in your mission log, and you can easily find your next objective location by following the quest marker, or by entering the scanner mode and following Starfield’s breadcrumb trail.

Previous quest: None

Following quest: None

After stepping foot into Akila City, you discover that some bank robbers have taken over the local Galbank branch. The local guard point you towards Marshall Daniel Blake, who in turn wants you to deal with the bank robbers.

Job Gone Wrong objectives

Most Starfield missions consist of several objectives that you must complete to advance the quest. As you complete each objective, your journal will be updated with the next objective.

Specific objectives and checkpoints have not yet been confirmed for this Starfield mission.

Job Gone Wrong reward

Completing Job Gone Wrong provides the player with 150 experience.

Some quests also provide additional rewards:


No additional rewards have been confirmed.

Job Gone Wrong mission console commands

If you just want to start the Job Gone Wrong mission, all you need to do is enter the following Starfield console command to begin:

startquest 0029A8F0

Be warned that attempting to start a quest that requires specific triggers or hidden markers can result in game instability, so it is recommended you save your game before trying any commands. If however you are encountering a Starfield bug that prevents the mission from advancing, you might want to try the following:

resetquest 0029A8F0

The above command will completely reset a quest (make sure you save your game beforehand in case it causes a crash to desktop). It also has the potential to prevent that quest from ever completing, meaning you’ll need to use the completequest 0029A8F0 command to progress.