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Starfield review roundup

If you've been eagerly awaiting a Starfield review, your long wait is over. We've rounded up all the Starfield review scores and ratings.

Starfield review roundup

With the successful launch of Starfield seeing more concurrent players than even Skyrim, the Starfield release date was a triumph for Bethesda studios. Starfield reviews were quick to praise the game during the Starfield Early Access period, and fan consensus remains immensely positive.

So, we’ve rounded up the Starfield verdicts from the biggest and best games sites to give you the critical consensus on Starfield.

Starfield PC reviews

In their Starfield review on PC, the team at PCGamesN awarded Starfield a 7/10,  and described the game as “a true behemoth of an RPG, and in many ways it’s the logical endpoint of Bethesda Game Studios’ well-worn formula.”

IGN also give Starfield a positive review, though they’re reserved in their praise. The 7/10 write-up describes Starfield as “a sprawling universe with detailed lore”, but criticises “glaring” problems.

PC Gamer‘s Starfield review gives the game 75 out of 100 saying that “The fun collision between structured quests and unpredictable systems creates moments that feel more personal and memorable”.

TechRaptor scores Starfield 8.0. Although described as ” a less-than-compelling narrative” but praising the quests and micromanagement elements of the game.

Running on an RTX 3090 rig, Sports Illustrated was hitting 60fps 4k on Ultra giving the visuals a 10/10 with an overall score of 9/10 and describing Starfield as “the most polished game Bethesda has ever put out”.

“I really do love this game,” says Paul Tassi from Forbes awarding Starfield’s PC version 9.5/10. Whilst finding a few of the inevitable bugs you get at launch “I had fun the whole time”.

Starfield Xbox reviews

In a glowing 9.7 review, XboxEra describes Starfield as “a wonderous tapestry to experience your story in a way that only the best have done before.”

Digging into how Starfield plays on Xbox Series X and Series S, Eurogamer champions the immensity of the game with the Xbox Series X delivering 30 fps for most scenarios, “Starfield is a very good experience on both current-gen Xboxes”.

Playing on the Series X, CNN reports “Starfield looks incredible”. Whilst finding some of the ship controls cumbersome it’s a “solid Bethesda game” and “worth a shot” as it’s included in Game Pass.

Giving Starfield a score of 9.5, CGMagazine‘s Xbox Series X review exclaimed how its one of their favorite games they’ve played on the Series X with “fans of Bethesda have another must-play title to add to the rotation”.

Game Informer trialled Starfield on both the X and S giving the game 8.5 finding navigating the star maps and UI “obtuse” but ultimately finding their way to “some remarkable destinations”.

10/10 Starfield reviews

VGC gave the game a perfect score on their review scale, awarding Starfield 5 stars and describing it as “the ultimate Bethesda game”.

Destructoid‘s Starfield PC review gives it a Flawless 10 saying “Starfield is a truly incredible experience that will be special for everyone”.

A solid 5/5 from GamesRadar+ in its review of Starfield extolling its “beautifully crafted open world experience”.

Playing on an Xbox Series X Game Rant review scored a 5/5, “the ultimate sci-fi game, giving players an incomprehensibly massive world to explore”.

Are you convinced by the critics’ reviews? Given that Starfield is available on Game Pass, it’s easy – and affordable – for you to try the game for yourself.

If you’re waiting for a review and you’re not sure whether you should buy Starfield or get a Game Pass subscription, we’ve put together a Starfield buyers guide to show you how to get the most of your order, and which is best for you. Otherwise, follow Starfield Db on Google News so you can be the first to know when the Starfield reviews are live.