Starfield controller and headset finally get their official reveals

After weeks of leaks, Bethesda finally revealed the official Starfield controller and Starfield headset for Xbox.

Following weeks of leaks and speculation, Bethesda has finally revealed the official Starfield controller and Starfield headset for Xbox as part of its Starfield Direct event this evening.

The official Starfield Xbox controller is emblazoned with the colors and insignia of Constellation, the group of space explorers that you’ll join early in on in the game’s campaign. Further details include annotations applied to individual buttons and triggers, much like the controls in the cockpit of your Starfield ship. A shiny gold d-pad completes the look.

The Starfield controller price is set at $79.99, and it’s available to pre order now.

Meanwhile, the official Starfield wireless headset is just as colorful and just as Constellation-themed – it even comes complete with ‘Property of Constellation’ stamped on the headband and a gold mic.

The Starfield headset price is $124.99, and it’s also available to pre order now in the US, and available for pre order in the UK for £114.99.

While it wasn’t one of the best-kept secrets of the showcase, the reveal of official Xbox accessories is great news for collectors and Bethesda superfans. While Microsoft and Bethesda haven’t yet revealed a price for the Starfield controller and headset, we’ll be sure to bring you the news as soon as it’s confirmed.

With that, you’re up to date on the Starfield controller and headset reveal. To find out more about the game’s glorious special edition, check out our Starfield collector’s edition guide, or prepare for your trip across the galaxy with our guides to Starfield ships, Starfield planets, and Starfield weapons.

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