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Starfield Creation Kit launches, and the microtransactions begin

As of June 9, 2024, the Starfield Creation Kit and the new “Creations” store will be live, requiring players to purchase a premium currency for custom content.

Starfield Creation Kit launches, and the microtransactions begin

Microtransactions… microtransactions never change. Starfield’s Creation Club, renamed the “Creations” store, is going live tonight, and it’s sure to create a lot of debate amongst Starfield’s already dwindling player count. For better or worse, Starfield now has a premium currency: Creation Credits.

Alongside a gameplay trailer for the Starfield Shattered Space expansion, the launch of an expanded Tracker’s Alliance faction with new locations and bounties, one announcement in particular stood out at this year’s Xbox Games Showcase: The Creation Kit has launched.

Starfield mods have been in full swing since the game released in September 2023, and modders have already created an incredible range of mods introducing everything from capital ships, to Star Wars aliens, and more.

With the official launch of the Creation Kit, a renaissance of sorts is almost certainly underway, especially with the launch of the main controversial element behind the Creation Kit: microtransactions.

Screenshot of the newly revealed Creations store page, featuring Starfield microtransactions.

Whether you love them or hate them, microtransactions have migrated from Fallout 76’s Creation Club over to Starfield. It was an inevitable move, and one that comes as a surprise to no one given the original ESRB rating for the game. 

So far, the Creations store contains a few free items to wet the whistles of Starfield fans, but others already cost as much as 1000 Creation Credits, and as little as 300. It’s not yet known what the value of one Creation Credit is equivalent to, however it is likely on par with the “Atoms” premium currency from Fallout 76. 1000 Atoms is worth $9.99, meaning the full library of Creations store content seen in the below trailer (2:41 mark) is equivalent to $20 of microtransactions.

Fortunately, owners of the Digital Premium edition will find 1000 Creation Credits added to their account tonight, allowing them to buy either the Constellation Plushie Set and the Trackers Alliance: The Vulture, or buy the Ancient Marine Module which, at a guess, is a custom Outpost module. 

This sets a potentially very expensive trend for future Starfield mods created and published in the Creations store. 

But, the arrival of the Creation Kit is undoubtedly a boon for modders everywhere, providing them with the best tools to create the best mods. 

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