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Star Wars aliens migrate to Starfield

Play as a Twi'lek, Duros, Quarren and more, and find them scattered across the Starfield galaxy with one simple but highly detailed mod.

Star Wars aliens migrate to Starfield

Ever wanted to play as a Zabrak like Darth Maul, or a Togruta like Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars? Well, now you can play as a number of Star Wars alien races with just one Starfield alien mod. Best of all, you’ll find a great swathe of the Settled System’s NPCs replaced with Star Wars aliens like the Bith, making the Crimson Fleet a much more interesting and diverse threat. Combine it with the Starfield X-Wing mod, and you’ll be one step closer to converting Starfield into a galaxy far, far away.

Despite the futuristic sci-fi setting that Starfield inhabits, Bethesda made the decision not introduce any Starfield aliens to the game. The closest approximation in-game we have to an otherworldly race are the Starborn, but, as you’ll discover as you complete the Starfield story, the Starborn aren’t exactly alien in origin.

Luckily, you can fill the alien void by downloading the Star Wars alien mod by radiclown via Nexus Mods. You’ll find a host of really detailed and slick alien models that fit into Starfield surprisingly well. A few aliens have even been used to fill out the rosters of established factions like the Ecliptic Mercenaries (who are now entirely Trandosian).

There is admittedly a small glitch with this Starfield mod where NPCs who aren’t aliens suddenly get a Starborn voice filter if you save and reload your game in the presence of aliens. The mod author is currently looking into the issue, but current advice is to save while standing away from any aliens (which you can do easily inside your Starfield ship, in a fresh cell such as a house or dungeon, or by flying into space).

Take it for a spin and let us know what you think of the Star Wars mod over in our Starfield forum, and be sure to follow Starfield Db on Google News to get all the latest Starfield updates and announcements.