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Starfield Shattered Space trailer promises ghosts and eldritch worlds

The new Starfield Shattered Space trailer leaves a Skyrim Dragonborn vibe, bringing with it alien worlds like those of Skyrim’s Apocrypha.

Starfield Shattered Space trailer promises ghosts and eldritch worlds

It’s the Xbox Games Showcase 2024, and the first Starfield Shattered Space trailer has finally landed, teasing a massive expansion of the House Va’ruun faction, alien whispers, and possibly a whole new, ghostly dimension.

The Starfield trailer opens almost normally with, “We chase dreams and embrace shadows.” But soon the music crackles and fades, and ghostly whispers, silvery alien flesh, and almost Lovecraftian themes begin to present themselves. 

Screenshot taken from the Starfield Shattered Space trailer.

It seems that the first Starfield DLC is set to bring us to an entirely new dimension, first beginning in an abandoned space station where something terrible has happened, something relating to The Great Serpent’s “will.”

Having already relistened to the whispers several times, it sounds to us as though a group of Va’ruun worshippers have been trying desperately to return home, likely to wherever the rest of their faction resides. However, their attempts have proven fruitless, and they are now all dead.

“We’ll never get back home. Trapped. All for nothing… This is the Serpent’s will.”

Yet the trailer shows us scenes of a very alien world, one populated by red lightning bolts, unearthly ghosts, and we are told by an authoritative voice that our fate shall be decided by the Great Serpent. 

“Can you feel its embrace encircling your heart?”

It appears as though the Starfield Shattered Space DLC is set to deliver a compact story in a (hopefully) not procedurally-generated world. A whole new host of characters are set to appear, alongside new weapons, ships, and additional House Va’ruun lore which was sorely lacking from the main Starfield story

You can watch the full atmospheric trailer for the upcoming DLC below, alongside the announcement of the Creation Kit’s launch, and the introduction of microtransactions to Starfield. 

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