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Starfield fan creates their very own Starfield Y-Wing

Using an expansive range of ship modules, one Starfield fan has recreated a Star Wars classic with their very own Starfield Y-Wing.

Starfield fan creates their very own Starfield Y-Wing

Since the launch of Starfield, many fans have been busy creating some incredible Starfield ship designs. Inspired by popular franchises, these Starfield ships use the vast range of Starfield ship components to recreate everything from the Planet Express ship, to the Mass Effect Normandy, and now even a Starfield Y-Wing.

By visiting a Ship Technician at any of the major Starfield cities or outposts, players can customize existing ships in exchange for Credits. In order to access the best ship parts, players must not only amass a small fortune of credits, but also increase their Starfield level so they can max out their Piloting and Starship Design skills, each of which unlock more ship modules.

Having done this, Redditor cardinal151515 set about transforming the starter ship, the Frontier, into a custom Star Wars-inspired Y-Wing, with surprising accuracy.

Screenshot of the custom Starfield ship with a Y-Wing inspired design, created by Redditor cardinal151515.

By combining a lot of structural ship components, along with some of the most powerful engines in the game, cardinal151515 has done an incredible job recreating a Star Wars classic.

Other Starfield fans have been just as busy with their own Starfield ship designs, fashioning everything from Star Destroyers to Millenium Falcons.

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