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Starfield fans can’t get enough of Starfield food chunks

Despite the dubious nature of the Chunks Starfield food brand, a number of fans have taken to creating their own Starfield cube recipes.

Starfield fans can’t get enough of Starfield food chunks

Within the Settled Systems, a fast-food brand called Chunks can be found in just about every major Starfield city. It’s not known what the iconic if questionable “food flavored” Starfield food chunks are made from, but that hasn’t stopped some passionate Starfield fans from recreating Starfield Chunks Cake, Chunks Egg, and even Chunks Cheesesteak.

The secret behind Chunks food in Starfield is a closely guarded secret. Most Chunks employees are only permitted to heat and serve the Chunks to their customers. No one seems to mind that the Chunks Apple is “apple-flavored” and doesn’t actually contain any apple, but at least they’re tasty, filling, and nutritious!

Fortunately, fanmade Starfield Chunks like this Starfield breakfast by redditor Euphoric_Ad_2049 looks like it does contain real ingredients, while retaining the simplistic charm of the Chunks brand.

Screenshot of the Starfield breakfast made by Redditor Euphoric_Ad_2049.


Redditor Just_a_Guytoo went for a Chunks dinner menu, creating a Chunks Cheesesteak with a side of Chunks Potato, and a Chunks Cola to “wash it down.” It’s still not clear how pleasant the solidified Chunks liquids really are, but Just_a_Guytoo described their meal as “tasty and chunkalicious.”

Screenshot of the Starfield dinner created by Redditor Just_a_Guytoo.

More appetizing and less bizarre is the Chunks red cheesecake made by redditor tunnelsnakefool, who commemorated their creation by featuring it in their Starfield watch case.

Screenshot of the Starfield cake made by Redditor tunnelsnakefool.

But we’ve saved the best for last. One dedicated redditor by the alias EnchantedWoodlandCo made a smorgasbord of Starfield food delights such as the Chunks Apple, Cabernet Chunkignon, and the redditor even recreated several juice boxes from Starfield.

Screenshot of the Starfield smorgasbord made by Redditor EnchantedWoodlandCo.

Looking for more tasty Starfield food and snacks? Check out our full list of Starfield consumables, and see if anything inspires you to create your own culinary masterpiece… cube. Be sure to share it with us in the Starfield forum, and follow Starfield Db on Google News so you don’t miss out on the best Starfield fan creations and mods.