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Starfield The Great Serpent

Among the many colorful religions in Starfield, none are as sinister as The Great Serpent and its gun-wielding zealots.

Starfield The Great Serpent

The Great Serpent in Starfield is a diety of the House Va’ruun faction. You can actually worship The Great Serpent and join its religious movement by taking the Serpent’s Embrace trait, though there’s a price to pay for doing so. The lore of The Great Serpent is shrouded in mystery, but we know, if nothing else, that “The Great Serpent hungers.”

What is The Great Serpent?

The Great Serpent is the titular deity of The Great Serpent faith, with its iconography, predictably, focusing on a universe-devouring snake.

You can start Starfield as a worshipper of The Great Serpent with the Serpent’s Embrace trait, and that doing so confers health and endurance boosts every time you make a gravity jump. However, lingering on any world for too long will not only remove the health and endurance buff, but actively hurt them.

Thus, worshippers of The Great Serpent need to roam, jumping from system to system. What this means for the creeds of The Great Serpent’s faith, however, are unclear, or what the lore behind this snake-like deity could be. One thing is for certain: its followers aren’t the friendliest in the universe.

Who worships The Great Serpent?

The only confirmed faction dedicated to this mysterious faith is House Va’ruun. However, you can find idols dedicated to this antagonistic god scattered throughout the Settled Systems, even somewhere as innocuous as the slums of Akila City, where you’ll find Va’ruun Scripture 03.

This doesn’t mean that everyone associated to House Va’ruun worships The Great Serpent, especially considering the faction’s origins. In fact, when the original House Va’ruun announced its existence to the galaxy, it almost immediately declared holy war upon all nonbelievers, and engaged in a violent and bloody campaign in the name of The Great Serpent. This holy war came to be known as The Serpent’s Crusade, and is still upheld by the violent zealots that roam the universe.

How do I join The Great Serpent religion?

The only confirmed method to worship The Great Serpent is to take the Serpent’s Embrace trait at the character creation menu. This will give you bonuses when encountering House Va’ruun NPCs, but not all of them. The best example of this is Andreja who, despite being raised within the serpent’s embrace, has since adopted much more tolerant views, and cannot stand those who blindly worship and slaughter in the name of the snake deity.

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