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House Va’ruun

Following the Serpent’s Crusade, Starfield House Va’ruun retreated from the public eye, leaving behind only zealots and heretics.

House Va’ruun
Faction Types Minor faction
Joinable No
System Sol
Item Code 002758C5

Who is the House of Va’ruun?

House Var’uun are a theocratic Starfield faction that shouldn’t be confused with the hostile zealots you meet wandering the Settled Systems. The true House Va’ruun is one of the three major factions responsible for the Armistice Archives.

Originally, House Va’ruun engaged in a holy war known as the Serpent’s Crusade, which called for the deaths of any who did not worship The Great Serpent. After a bloody war, the leader of House Va’ruun was displaced by a moderate figure, and a peace treaty was signed with the United Colonies and Freestar Collective.

As of 2330 AD, the start of the Starfield campaign, House Va’ruun has long since vanished from the public eye, leaving only an embassy in New Atlantis, and a handful of violent zealots who were displeased with the peace treaty and so continue the Serpent’s Crusade.

It has been confirmed that House Va’ruun exist within a city known as Dazra on the planet Va’ruun’kai. However, the location and name of the system remains a mystery, potentially until the next Starfield DLC is released.

House Va’ruun locations

The House Va’ruun faction has a presence in the following systems:

How to join the House of Va’ruun

Much like the other Starfield religions, you can take the Serpent’s Embrace trait to gain new dialogue options when encountering House Va’ruun NPCs. However, as the faction has no formal presence in the Settled Systems, it is not possible to join House Va’ruun at this time.

Hopefully, future Starfield DLC will expand on the House Va’ruun’s locations, NPCs, and start a unique questline dedicated to The Great Serpent. Until then, House Va’ruun will remain a mysterious yet illustrious faction.

Starfield House Va’ruun bounty clear

If you’ve been caught committing a crime within House Va’ruun territory, you may find yourself wracking up a bounty that exceeds anything you can hope to pay off at a Self-Service Bounty Clearance terminal. Alternatively, you might have encountered a Starfield bug that prevents you from clearing your bounty. Fortunately, there’s a Starfield console command that can help you fix that:

player.paycrimegold 0 0 002758C5

If that doesn’t work, numerous users have reported that activating god mode with the tgm command and surrendering to the faction has resolve their issue.