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Starfield is getting 100 new fixes, but still no city maps

The first Starfield update of 2024 is set to bring hundreds of bug fixes and improvements, but won’t deliver much anticipated features.

Starfield is getting 100 new fixes, but still no city maps

Any Starfield update is a good update, and Bethesda is set to release one of its largest updates to date on Wednesday 17, 2024, to Steam beta. Bethesda announced the Starfield update via a tweet which detailed several improvements and patch notes, though the tweet sadly made no mention of the features Bethesda promised would be arriving in early 2024, including in-game city maps and “travel improvements.”

Several Starfield patches have been released since the game launched in September 2023, including a considerable number of fixes for broken quests, AI, and other glitches. Starfield bugs have been a consistent problem for players, even after installing the Community Patch Starfield mod which addresses problems Bethesda has yet to resolve. 

Fortunately, Bethesda appear to be committed to further developing and improving Starfield, with their the latest update set to drop on Wednesday 17, 2024. Sadly, this update will only be available initially to Starfield Steam owners, so Microsoft and console players will have a few weeks to wait before they get access to these bug fixes. 

Among the many improvements set to arrive on Wednesday, Bethesda state that they have resolved a docking issue during the Eye of the Storm quest, issues with temples not appearing in the Into the Unknown mission, and more. 

If you want to sign up to this update, make sure you activate the option in the Beta branch of Steam, which you can access by right-clicking on Starfield, selecting “properties”, and navigating down to Betas. 

Unfortunately for Starfield fans, they’ll be waiting a little bit longer for the city maps and travel improvements that were promised back in December. Neither features are included in the latest update, but we remain hopeful that these crucial updates will see their way to Starfield before March 2024.

As welcome as the upcoming update is, many, including ourselves, are wondering when the first Starfield DLC is due to launch. Our best estimates predict that Starfield Shattered Space will be announced before the end of February, which would fall in-line with Bethesda’s historical DLC timeline for previous games such as Fallout 4 and Skyrim. 

Let us know what you think of the latest update, and when you think the first DLC will drop in our Starfield forum. For all the latest Starfield news, make sure you follow Starfield Db on Google News.