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Todd Howard says Starfield updates are coming “soon”

Todd Howard has said that "a lot of Starfield work" is underway, and teases that something will be announced very soon.

Todd Howard says Starfield updates are coming “soon”

Todd Howard has stated in a recent interview that “some really good updates” are going to be announced for Starfield soon. Howard’s interview responses could finally give fans some hope that the Creation Kit 2, Starfield Shattered Space DLC, and the promised in-game maps and travel improvements are on their way in the next Starfield update. Unfortunately, no dates have been set because, as Todd Howard puts it regarding development for Fallout 5 and the Elder Scrolls 6 “I’m going to avoid putting dates on anything. I’ve learned that the hard way.”

While it’s a disappointment to be left in the dark once again as to when the next Starfield update will land, it’s good that the radio silence has finally been broken. This is the first piece of good news since the last Starfield update back in March 26, 2024. Bethesda lapsed into radio silence after their latest Starfield update garnered less than stellar feedback from the community.

Todd Howard didn’t mention anything else in regards to the upcoming Starfield content during the IGN interview. Of course, the interview was celebrating the sheer success of the Fallout TV series, so we didn’t expect a major Starfield announcement or tidbit to make an appearance. The overwhelmingly positive reception of the Fallout TV series has resulted in some positives for Bethesda, with player counts on Fallout 76 soaring to new heights, though Starfield does not seem to be sharing in that success, with Starfield player counts continuing to drop.

Hopefully, the first Starfield DLC pack will bring some major changes to Starfield, and entice players back into the game. However, if you’ve followed the general tone on the Starfield Reddit page for any length of time, a much larger body of work may need to be done to bring players back.

We can only hope that the next Starfield update, whenever it might be announced, brings some major changes to the game. To ensure you don’t miss that announcement, follow Starfield Db on Google News.