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Starfield terminals

Finding a Starfield terminal will provide you with lore and insight into the many locations and stories throughout the Settled Systems.

Starfield terminals

The Settled Systems are a vast stretch of star systems, and home to a huge number of factions, NPCs, and quests. Hidden in and among them are Starfield terminals. These Starfield computers are your gateway to learning more about Starfield’s rich lore and narrative. Functioning much like the terminals in previous Bethesda Fallout titles, finding these terminals will be the key to unlocking the deepest mysteries in Starfield’s universe.

What are Starfield terminals?

A “terminal” is Bethesda’s term for a computer system or Starfield datapad. These items, when interacted with, usually have a number of text entries that detail the story of a location, or provide gameplay functionality such as opening doors or deactivating automated turrets.

Where can I find Starfield terminals?

You’ll likely encounter a Starfield terminal at most major story locations such as Starfield’s cities, or on numerous Starfield ships. What these computers look like is currently unknown, but they are likely to be fairly uniform in appearance to make identifying them easier. Once we have a full list of locations, entries, and images, we’ll be back to update this guide.

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