Starfield religions

If you’re trying to get your head around Starfield religions, our guide to who worships what gods is here to point you in the right direction.

Starfield religions are an important part of life across the Settled System and beyond. Not only do they influence the beliefs of the people and factions, but they also inspire individuals to do great acts, affecting the universe at large. We’ve tried to break down everything we know about the religions in Starfield so far, so you can avoid offending anyone on your first trip to a god-fearing planet.

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What are Starfield religions?

Starfield religions are just like religions in our world, ideological belief systems than inform the actions of those who believe in them. Still, the thousands of years between our time and the setting of Starfield means you can’t go into this experience expecting the religions you’re accustomed to dealing with.

While we’re not sure of all of the possible Starfield religions – and considering there are over 1000 planets, we expect a few – but thanks to 2022’s Starfield showcase, we can identify at least three.

  • The Enlightened
  • The Great Serpent
  • Sanctum Universal

You can read a little more on each Starfield religion below. You should pay attention, as you must pick a religion when starting your adventure. Religions also have a relationship with Starfield factions, so take everything into account when making your decision.

The Enlightened

The Enlightened is Starfield’s scientific religious branch, providing an alternative to the mysticism cult of the Sanctum Universal. Essentially, the Enlightened believe in the power of knowledge and science, providing a Humanism for the far-flung future. We’re not sure what boon joining this faith might provide, but we assume it assists in any of your scientific or engineering endeavours.

The Great Serpent

The Great Serpent is a religion shrouded in mystery, but we know what boon it provides. Essentially, followers of the Great Serpent have to jump intermittently to recieve health and endurance boosts. The negative side of this mechanic is that if you don’t jump, your stats tank quickly, leaving you susceptible to surprise attacks. If you want a strange limitation for your playthrough, consider joining up with the Great Serpent.

Sanctum Universal

We still don’t know much about the Sanctum Universal, except that it’s one of the most prominent Starfield religions in the galaxy. It does look like this religion is worth choosing if you plan on being something of a trader, with many places across the galaxy offering a discount for followers of the Sanctum Universal. Outside of helping you be a cheapskate, we’re unsure how following this faith affects your gameplay.


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Can you pick Starfield religions?

Picking a Starfield religion is part of the Starfield character creation process, with each belief system coming with a specific boon. Which religion you choose is totally up to you, but we don’t know if you can convert later in the game, so it’s worth picking something you can deal with for a full playthrough.

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