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Bethesda turns over a new leaf with Starfield update

Following a successful Steam beta test, Starfield update gives Starfield a new lick of paint, and a much needed shine.

Bethesda turns over a new leaf with Starfield update

At long last, it feels like Starfield is starting to live up to its original promise. Starfield update doesn’t just fix a ton of Starfield missions (welcome as those changes definitely are), but it overhauls the game’s lighting effects. In improving the in-game graphics, Bethesda have reinstated atmosphere and weight to the many Starfield locations you can explore, and demonstrated the true potential lying at the heart of Starfield.

Starfield has had a troubled launch since September 2023, with mixed reactions revealing many shortcomings including numerous Starfield bugs, graphical glitches, and broken Starfield missions. Fortunately, Bethesda, has released its largest Starfield patch yet with, building on patch which was released to Steam beta on January 18, 2024.

Patch resolves several issues affecting Starfield outposts, Starfield powers, ships, skills, weapons, and more, but the most exciting change is undoubtedly how the game handles bloom effects, lighting, and shadows. The changes are instantly recognizable, as you can see in the screenshots below courtesy of Redditor DinDisco.

Before, a bright, clean, almost clinical bar hidden away in Neon.

Image courtesy of DinDisco. Madam Sauvage's Place.

After, an atmospheric, warm but dark dive where gangsters gather in Neon.

Image courtesy of DinDisco. Madam Sauvage's Place post patch.

Before, a crystal cavern with some inexplicably bright crystals.

Image courtesy of DinDisco. Crystal cavern.

After, a dim, moody, alien cavern filled with mysterious crystalline spears. 

Image courtesy of DinDisco. Crystal cavern post patch.

Before, a dim museum without color or life.

Image courtesy of DinDisco. Museum.

After, a more clearly defined museum floor with more vivid paint, harsh shadows, and ambient lighting.

Image courtesy of DinDisco. Museum post patch.

Bethesda are clearly listening to the fanbase and polishing the game to a pristine shine, as can be seen in DinDisco’s comparative screenshots. Much more work lies ahead of Bethesda to meet the expectations that the game demanded prior to its launch, but patch demonstrates a commitment to do better, and perhaps the turning of a new leaf for future content updates. 

Hopefully, Bethesda will soon release news of the upcoming Starfield DLC otherwise known as Shattered Space. Until then, we can only hope that the in-game Starfield maps and “travel improvements” come sooner rather than later. 

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