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Confusion over Starfield pre order cancellations causes panic

Several Walmart customers are reporting that their Starfield pre order has been canceled without warning, prompting a flurry of complaints.

Confusion over Starfield pre order cancellations causes panic

Getting your hands on a Starfield pre order of the Constellation Edition is no easy feat, and several Walmart customers who pre ordered Starfield are reporting their orders have been canceled without warning. Numerous Redditors have shared their experience, and it seems like the pre order “cancellations” could be due to a technical issue.

Originally reported by Redditor Beltaine-77, Walmart customers have received order updates via email with a “competitive price match” which makes the order total $0. This sparked a flurry of concerns that Starfield Constellation Edition orders from Walmart had been canceled, and refunds had been issued.

Customers who pre ordered Starfield on Xbox consoles from Walmart do not appear to be experiencing the same “competitive price match” emails. As a result, it appears only PC orders are affected.

As Redditor w1czr1923 experienced with their order: “It doesn’t say canceled…just competitive price match?”

Fortunately for confused customers, this appears to be an internal technical error on Walmart’s side, because Starfield isn’t the only product that has been “stealth canceled”, as Redditor patar2jz pointed out: “The same thing is happening on the Pikmin subreddit today. Folks who pre-ordered Pikmin 4 are getting the same “competitive price match” down to $0 for their $59.99 pre-order of Pikmin 4.”

In response to the confusing emails from Walmart, many customers reached out to Walmart’s customer reps. Unfortunately, Walmart’s replies have been conflicting, indicating confusion within the company surrounding the availability of Starfield pre orders.

In w1czr1923’s case, Walmart clarified their pre order was not canceled and should still arrive. However, other users are reporting the opposite, with Redditor Lwmons stating “A live agent told me that it was canceled. I think internally no one knows what’s going on over there.”

In a stroke of exceptional luck, Walmart customer reps have informed some customers like Redditor Camonna_Tong that customers “wouldn’t be recharged and would get this order free of cost from Walmart’s end for being our valuable customer.” If true, some lucky customers will actually get the Constellation Edition for free, which is the best deal we’ve found online so far!

However, the confusion has caused some users to panic and search for their collector’s editions elsewhere.

As the story develops, we will confirm if Walmart has in fact canceled their orders or if this is indeed an internal error affecting numerous products. So, make sure to follow Starfield Db on Google for the latest pre order cancellation updates. Alternatively, if you’re not sure about your order, check out the best pre order deals for the base game and the Starfield collector’s edition and consider making the switch.