Starfield pre-order

If you’re looking for a Starfield pre-order deal, we’ve got everything there is to know about securing a copy of Bethesda’s next big release ahead of time.

With Bethesda’s space-faring epic rocketing towards release, many potential players are looking for a Starfield pre-order deal. So, we’ve gone to the depths of the internet to find out how you can guarantee a ticket to ride in this much anticipated RPG. All you need to do is decide if you’re up for the space exploration challenge.

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Is there a Starfield pre-order?

At the time of writing, there aren’t many retailers ready to take your pre-order ahead of the Starfield release date. In the US, your options are fairly slim, but GameStop is one of the few retailers where you can pre-order Starfield right now.

Things are different for readers in the UK, with retailers GAME and Amazon both offering pre-order links on their websites. Still, There’s no official link from Xbox or Bethesda yet, so we wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to wait for the forthcoming Starfield showcase before taking the plunge.

Screenshot of a created character in Starfield for Starfield pre-order guide

Is there a Starfield pre-order date?

Unfortunately, there’s no concrete date when we know Starfield pre-order links will become available worldwide. Now that the Starfield release Starfield release date has been officially confirmed (in a flashy new trailer, no less) it seems likely to major retailers will start offering pre-orders soon.

Is there a Starfield pre-order bonus?

As we still don’t know when or what to expect from a Starfield pre-order deal, we’re not sure what bonuses might arrive alongside the game. There have been some interesting guesses over on the Starfield Reddit, with suggestions from including Master Chief armour to some special weapons for pre-order players to use in-game. As soon as we know what to expect from a Starfield pre-order bonus, we’ll be back to update this page.

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