The Starfield Grendel is one of the SMGs in Bethesda’s huge new RPG. Discover Grendel stats, info, and more in our weapons database.

The Starfield Grendel SMG offers a great balance between ranged power and rate of fire.
Damage Types Ballistic
Weapon Types SMG
Manufacturers Combatech
Ammo Types 7.77x37mm
Magazine Capacity 50

The Grendel is a 7.77x37mm bullpup SMG that looks like a cross between a P90 and AUG. Its magazine holds 50 rounds, it’s made by Combatech, and it’s described as a lightweight personal defense weapon or PDW.

The Grendel retains a high rate of fire, but it’s more capable at range than the Maelstrom, as evidenced by the scope that’ll allow you to pick off enemies from a distance.

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