The Starfield Maelstrom is one of the SMGs in Bethesda’s huge new RPG. Discover Maelstrom stats, info, and more in our weapons database.

The Starfield Maelstrom is an SMG with an exceptionally high rate of fire.
Damage Types Ballistic
Weapon Types SMG
Magazine Capacity 40

The Maelstrom SMG looks like a futuristic MPX or UMP. Its magazine capacity of 40 is quite high and it looks like a jury-rigged gun compared to the weapons we’ve seen.

Crucially, the Maelstrom’s rate of fire seems to be far beyond anything else we’ve seen in Starfield so far – though that does come at the expense of ranged accuracy. If you’re getting up close and personal with your enemies, though, the Maelstrom may be one of the best Starfield guns for you.

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