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Starfield biomes

There may be over 1000 planets in Starfield, but what biomes are on them, and how many environments can you find on any one world?

Starfield biomes

Each planet, moon, asteroid and locale will feature one or more Starfield biomes. Each biome comes with unique challenges, and is also home to specific creatures and locations. So, we’ve gathered all of the biomes Bethesda has confirmed into one handy page.

What is a Starfield biome?

A biome is a set environment “tile” that spans several kilometers in game. Each biome tile will feature unique geographical features, flora, and fauna. These features can include forests, mountains, barren wastelands, and more, providing you with a ton to scan with your surveying tool.

Bethesda has confirmed that some planets in Starfield have only one biome, while others will have several. These biomes have been carefully selected, as Todd Howard explained during an interview, “we do look at temperature, we look at the radiation” which can affect not just the biomes you find, but also the weather systems you encounter. Each planet will have at least “one type of biome, and there are planets that have a whole bunch.”

With each biome introducing various environmental hazards, creatures, and locations, it’s incredibly important that you keep your equipment up to scratch with armor mods. You’ll also want to check out the best Starfield skills to boost your immunity system so you don’t run afoul of the various illnesses in game.