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No space fishing for you, Todd Howard reveals in Starfield interview

Todd Howard has discussed Bethesda's plans for fishing, romance options, land vehicles, and much more in the latest Starfield interview.

No space fishing for you, Todd Howard reveals in Starfield interview

In a recent Starfield interview, Todd Howard answered a series of community questions on several major aspects of Starfield. Todd’s responses have provided additional information on fishing, land vehicles, ship customization, and even outpost construction. However, Todd avoided answering several questions directly, leading to a lot of implications and debates in the Starfield community.

At the opening of the interview, Todd confirmed that several accessibility modes are available in Starfield, including a large font mode. Not only does this provide greater inclusivity to the game, but it also helps with scaling text on larger monitor sizes.

Todd went on to elaborate on various in-game systems, including the player’s need to prepare for hostile environments with the correct armor, items, and skills or risk catching an illness.

Planets take a very science-based approach to seeding life in the Settled Systems, so only 10% of planets will likely have creatures and plantlife, according to Todd Howard. However, as it turns out, those creatures are capable of interacting and fighting with each other, which should make scanning a planet much more interesting. Once you’re done scanning a planet, that data has a high credit value, incentivizing you to fully survey a world.

Speaking on other topics, Todd also confirmed that the Starfield romance options are limited to the four main Constellation members. Two confirmed members are Sarah Morgan, the leader of Constellation, and Sam Coe, an ex-cowboy. It is unclear who the two remaining romanceable characters are among Matteo, Noel, Barrett, Vlad, Walter, and Vasco.

Todd elaborated massively on ships and outposts, particularly where the player will really engage with them in the game. Both will be more late-game focused content due to the sheer credit and resource cost involved. Despite the cost, both are great sources of income. Ships you commandeer are sellable, and outposts are capable of becoming the cornerstone of your economy through extractors and trade.

However, Todd mentioned that Bethesda have already nerfed your ability to sell ships by requiring the player to “register” their ship at a spaceport. This is to prevent the in-game economy from collapsing. You can still make a lot of money from boarding and subsequently selling ships, but you won’t be buying every weapon, armor, and resource in sight just from hijacking a single ship.

Arguably, some of the most interesting parts of the interview were Todd’s hints, and the possible implications. One curious phrasing has led many fans to believe that the skill badges you earn as you level up could be wearable after Todd said “I love these patches/badges that can go on a spacesuit”. It’s not clear at this time if Todd meant it literally, but it would be a unique way of customizing your character.

Unfortunately, Todd also confirmed several things that will not feature in Starfield:

  • Land vehicles will not be available at launch. Instead, the Boost Pack is your best way of getting around once you’ve landed on a planet.
  • Fishing will not feature. Or specifically, fishing with a rod will not feature. Todd Howard asked what the interviewer’s “definition” of fishing was, implying something fishing-related exists, but he wasn’t willing to state what it was. Could this imply an underwater mechanic?
  • Vasco will not have any hat options at launch, so we’ll have to turn to the Starfield modding community for robotic headwear.

One of the biggest questions which Bethesda will discuss “later down the road” is whether Starfield will be Steam Deck compatible. They didn’t rule it out, so there is hope that a compatible version is on the horizon. Perhaps we will also see a Starfield VR option as well?