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Starfield is reborn with this DLC-level mod

Who needs the Shattered Space DLC or a Starfield update when you can just install this massive Starfield mod?

Starfield is reborn with this DLC-level mod

A DLC-worthy Starfield mod has just landed, and it’s something Bethesda should adopt officially because it’s just that impressive. This one mod introduces full-on city-building, mechs AND mech customization, new buildings, new turrets, new farming, bio-domes with customizable biomes and flora, and so, so much more. TankGirl444 has all but rescued Starfield base building.

Starfield mods have done a tremendous job of patching the game and adding in numerous features that were missing from the base game. However, you have to hand it to modder TankGirl444, because they have gone all out in redesigning Starfield as a city-building simulator.

Just to touch upon the enormity of what this mod does, the mod transforms the outpost building mechanic into a full colonization simulator with full-scale resource production lines, mech defenses, Titans, and planetary defense systems.

Screenshot of the TGs Galactic Colonies Expanse mod showcase by GirlTank444.

In the base game, building an outpost can feel like a chore because you have to find multiple planets with the base resources needed for constructing habitation modules, resource harvesters, and furniture pieces.

In the TGS Galactic Colonies Expanse mod, you can employ fracking to mine the basic resources from the core of ANY planet. These fracking stations cover Iron, Aluminum, Copper, Nickel, Lead, Cobalt, Neodymium, and Lithium. Uncommon resources, such as Gold, Silver, and Platinum, can be slowly retrieved by converting Iron via inefficient Iron Grinders.

With all of these resources in hand, you don’t need to jump to 100 different Starfield planets. You can set up shop in one location, and turn Starfield into a city-builder.

Image of the city-building scope that can be achieved in the TGS Galactic Colonies Expanse mod by TankGirl444.

Oh, and you can craft mechs as deployable defenses, and you can give your mechs swords, giant baseball bats, flamethrowers, ice cannons- this mod is an absolute must-try for anyone playing Starfield on PC.

Screenshot of the mechs available in the TGS Galactic Colonies Expanse mod by TankGirl444.

TankGirl444’s mod couldn’t have arrived at a better time given Bethesda’s radio silence on the Shattered Space DLC. Fans have been crying out for new content to explore, with many creating their very own Starfield DLC wishlists. The TGS Galactic Colonies Expanse mod actually ticks off a few items from those wishlists by overhauling the Starfield outpost building mechanic, and adding mechs into the game.

And to be clear, this huge mod is the “bedrock of a much larger collection of ideas” that TankGirl444 has in the works. Terraforming an entire planet is but one idea on the list, which could easily turn Starfield into Planet Crafter.

Bethesda, please, please, please tell us when the Creation Kit 2 is launching, so that the community can make Starfield the game it was meant to be. Alternatively, hire TankGirl444 onto the team, as many on Nexus Mods are commenting in response to this tremendous mod.

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What do you think of TankGirl444’s mod? Tell us all about your impressions over on our Starfield forum, and be sure to show us what settlements you’ve built with it.