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Starfield DLC needs to overhaul the game, say fans on Reddit

In the absence of any news from Bethesda, fans are crafting their own Starfield DLC wishlists, with many hoping for a complete overhaul of the game.

Starfield DLC needs to overhaul the game, say fans on Reddit

In the last few days and weeks, fans have taken to Reddit to outline their hopes and dreams for the future of Starfield, and the first Starfield DLC package. One thing that seems to unite them is the belief that the Shattered Space expansion needs to deliver fundamental change, otherwise Starfield will see a mass exodus of players.

It’s April 2024, and Bethesda has still not given any indication that their first Starfield DLC package, Shattered Space, is due to arrive any time soon. In the absence of news, fans are praying for the expansion of under-developed features, but also complete overhauls of foundational issues affecting the game. Fans have even gone so far as to draft their very own Starfield DLC wishlists, but will those wishes ever be granted?

Unfortunately for Bethesda, there’s more on the wishlists than the developer might reasonably manage to launch before their Starfield player count hits its next all-time low.

The Starfield Reddit scene is littered with complaints about the game, with many players hoping that the first DLC package will go much further than being a mere story expansion.

One of the big items topping DLC wishlists is a complete overhaul of the game’s core mechanics, with many fans begging for the removal of the sheer number of loading screens present in Starfield.

This request, seen across innumerable threads, prays that Starfield will see a similar update to the Cyberpunk 2.0 update. The Cyberpunk update in question completely redesigned numerous systems, reordered and revamped the skill tree, and even overhauled its in-game police force.

For Starfield, Redditors are hoping for at least the following revamps:

  • House Va’ruun expansions
  • M-Class capital ships
  • Mechs and vehicles
  • Outpost building improvements
  • Companions and romance diversification

House Va’ruun is a major Starfield faction which has very little presence in the base game, yet has a ton of lore and dialog that repeatedly assures players of the faction’s importance. For that reason, many players believe, as we do, that Shattered Space will see a massive story expansion for the fabled and missing worshippers of the Great Serpent deity. However, a small campaign, won’t be enough to please fans, many Redditors state.

Among the many ideas for how Bethesda could make a House Va’ruun expansion great comes from Redditor GenderPhoenix, who paints an alternate start to the game in which the player begins on the House Va’ruun homeworld of Va’ruun’kai, and pilots a unique Va’ruun spaceship. They, like many other Redditors, also hope that Bethesda will introduce support for M-Class capital ships (which you can currently unlock using a dedicated Starfield mod).

The assets for M-Class ships already exist within the game, much like another hotly requested feature: Starfield mechs. A few clever modders have found ways of introducing mechs into the game as boss monsters, however players have long been hoping to actually pilot mechs, which can be found in a ton of mech graveyards. Other Starfield vehicles are rumored to be on the horizon thanks to an end of year update made by Bethesda at the end of 2023.

Many fans find that exploring the vast Starfield map on foot to be time-consuming, and rightly so. A basic buggy, rover, or off-road vehicle would easily make planet exploration less of a chore, and give players another thing to customize in a similar vein to Starfield ships.

Customization on the whole in Starfield feels underwhelming, with many wishlists begging for an expansion on Starfield outpost building that will at least bring it up to the level of Fallout 4’s settlement building mechanic. A true colony-building mechanic, or elaboration on the limited automation and production options would be a godsend in Starfield. Something a lot of fans are requesting is a simple ammo factory that can transform the staggering Starfield resources they are mining into usable ammo, rather than trudge from one end of the galaxy to the next in search of an ammo merchant.

Last, but not least, Reddit threads are desperate for better companions, more romance options, and, if nothing else, less judgy companions. If you’ve ever engaged in the current Starfield romance scene, you’ll know that playing an “evil” character isn’t compatible. Even Andreja, the most morally gray of all the romance options, will tell you how disappointed she is if you put one foot wrong. Redditor Xilvereight and others hope that an evil companion will become available in the next story expansion.

Bethesda remain tight-lipped on what is coming in their updates and DLC packages. Hopefully, they are keeping a close eye on the community, and thinking about including just a few things from the long Reddit wishlists to include in the game.

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