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If you want the Starfield disc, it only ships with these pre order versions

After several confusing tweets from Bethesda, we now know which pre orders will come with a Starfield disc rather than a download code.

If you want the Starfield disc, it only ships with these pre order versions

Fans were left confused when Bethesda tweeted that Starfield would not release with a physical Starfield disc, only to retract that very announcement hours later. Bethesda has since clarified which Starfield physical copies will ship with a disc, and which ones will ship with a digital download code. Xbox fans will be happy, but PC gamers hoping for a Starfield disc might be less pleased.

Bethesda originally responded to a tweet by @Nellatermica which asked if Starfield would or wouldn’t come on a physical disc. To this, Bethesda responded, “All editions, both digital and physical, come with a code.”

However, not long after Bethesda responded, the original response was deleted, causing confusion among fans and news outlets.

Since then, Bethesda has published a clarification, stating that the physical Starfield disc will be “included with physical purchases of Xbox Standard Edition. Game code included with physical purchases on PC Standard edition.”

So, as far as we can tell only these pre order editions will come with a game disc:

Which means that, from Bethesda’s own phrasing, the following physical editions will not come with a game disc:

It seems a shame that the Starfield collector’s edition won’t come with a physical disc given that it also ships with a steelbook display case. However, as many sharp-eyed Redditors have spotted previously, the Constellation edition comes with a “Digital Game Download” USB stick, so it isn’t too surprising that the collector’s edition won’t come with a physical copy of the disc.

But, at least the Constellation collector’s edition does come with a nifty Chronomark Starfield watch, and all pre order editions come with five days of Early Access. So make sure to secure your copy with the best Starfield deals around if you haven’t already.

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