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Who are the mysterious Starborn? Why are they so interested in the Artifacts? And… how do you become Starborn?

Faction TypesMinor faction

The Starfield Starborn are a major faction in Starfield, but unlike any other group in the Settled Systems.

Firstly, the Starborn are not united. They can be best described as individuals with a single thing in common: they want the Artifacts, and they’ll kill anyone in their way, even other Starborn.

Warning: major spoilers lie ahead for Starfield’s main story.

The Starborn are individuals who have gathered all of the Artifacts and created the Armillary. This is the very same task that you perform during the Starfield main questline.

When the Starborn finished the Armillary, they traveled to The Unity. There, they cast aside their bodies and their previous lives to travel the multiverse. The Starborn explore and fight across an infinite number of parallel universes to gather more Artifacts and recreate the Armillary.

The reason? Each universe you travel to has a limited number of Starfield powers that you can earn. In order to get all 24, you’ll need to follow the same path as the other Starborn and travel to a parallel universe.