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Starfield Earth is a Starfield Planet in the Sol system, which you can visit when flying your spaceship.

Body TypePlanet
Surface TypeRock
ResourcesChlorine, Water, Mercury, Lead, Chlorosilanes

Bethesda have been very tight-lipped ahead of Starfield’s release regarding Earth and what role it has to play in the Starfield campaign. The Earth has been seen in the background of the Starfield gameplay trailer, and so it definitely exists in the Sol system – aka The Old Neighborhood. However, whether the Earth still supports life or can be visited remains to be seen.

It seems very likely that the Earth’s ecology has been destroyed given humankind’s migration to the Alpha Centauri system. The lack of a colony on Earth implies that something truly disastrous occurred, though a colony of humans yet remain in the nearby city of Cydonia on Mars. An image of the Earth was spotted in the Starfield Direct trailer, and seemed to indicate that North and South American have been overtaken by desert or flooding.

It’s strange, given you can establish an outpost on any planet, even those without an atmosphere. So, why does it seem that the Earth is abandoned?

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Earth trivia:

Earth was first spotted during the Starfield gameplay trailer in June 2022.

Earth was mentioned during the Constellation Questions: Talking Starfield Quests with Will Shen video, and confirmed that “very early on in the main quest” you will encounter “the question of what happened to the Earth.”