Five Fallout 76 features fans want to see in Starfield

Starfield fans on Reddit are hoping that several Fallout 76 mechanics and improvements will be present in Starfield.

Five Fallout 76 features fans want to see in Starfield

Fallout 76 was the last Bethesda title to be designed on the original Creation Engine, and it included a number of features and enhancements that previous Fallout titles didn’t have. With Starfield’s launch on the horizon, Starfield Reddit fans are eagerly hoping to see Starfield adopt a number of these features from Fallout 76.

We saw a great deal of Starfield during the Starfield Direct showcase – a deep dive on the game’s mechanics and gameplay – but several features from previous Bethesda games were not mentioned. As Starfield was built on the Creation Engine 2, these unmentioned features are likely still present somewhere in the code.

Knowing this, many fans like Redditor MaxelAmador are hoping that features from Fallout 76 will return in Starfield, such as the ability to create underground settlements or vaults. Outpost building is more expansive than ever, and building underground would truly expand on what was previously possible in Fallout 76.

A very popular feature that many Redditors are hoping to see are Starfield localized weather systems. Redditor allenisboos987 commented “I think being able to see a dust storm coming or some rain clouds forming would be sick” in response to Reasonabledwarf who pointed out that Fallout 76 had distant weather.

Fortunately for fans, Todd has already alluded to weather systems present in Starfield in a separate interview. “I landed on one of the early planets, and this sandstorm blew through.”

Other Redditors were looking for Starfield quality of life improvements that were first introduced in Fallout 76, including the “recent” tab in the inventory. Others, like HoonFace, hope that build modes will have “lightened restrictions” on them, allowing items to float, clip into each other, and disable the automatic snapping for ease of placement and base building customization.

Similarly, the ability to loot all enemies that are nearby simultaneously would be a welcome feature in Starfield. In previous Bethesda titles, you had to loot each individual body, but Fallout 76 introduced a system that pooled all of the nearby inventories into one window so you could easily select what you wanted to keep and what you wanted to leave behind.

The final thing Starfield fans are calling out for on Reddit? Multiplayer.

Starfield is definitively a single-player experience according to Bethesda. However, there is always the chance that a clever Starfield modder will find a way to bring a coop or multiplayer option back into the fold. The mechanics already existed in the Creation Engine, so there’s every chance this has carried over into the Creation Engine 2. It just needs someone out there to unlock it.

Alternatively, Bethesda may have some DLC ideas much further down the road that adds this functionality, given the popularity of the requested feature. Unfortunately, we won’t know more until the release of Starfield or until Bethesda makes an announcement. So, make sure to read up on everything Starfield Direct revealed, and follow us on Google News for all the latest Starfield updates and breaking news.

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