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Starfield ships look surprisingly good in Lego

Starfield enthusiast and Redditor MartianBuddy3 has recreated Vasco, the Spacefarer, and the Starfield ship in Lego.

Starfield ships look surprisingly good in Lego

Redditor MartianBuddy3 has built a Lego replica of Starfield’s most iconic spaceship, complete with a detailed interior, a miniature Lego Spacefarer, and a Lego Vasco too. MartianBuddy3 states that the Frontier spaceship took them 3-4 months to build and is estimated to contain 7000-8000 Lego pieces.

In order to gather reference materials to construct the ship, MartianBuddy3 had to pause the 2022 Starfield gameplay trailer “about 100 times to get the right shots.”

“The Frontier’s legs were the greatest challenge to get right” with the creator going through “3 or 4 iterations so they could hold the weight.”

The interior of the ship features a number of details from the Starfield gameplay trailer. Among notable additions are a sandwich, airlock, cafe area, and workstations.

The interior of the Lego Frontier ship built by Redditor MartianBuddy3

Following the completion of the fan-made Lego spaceship, MartianBuddy3 posted photos of the complete project to Reddit, where Bethesda and the official Starfield Twitter account quickly picked it up.

“I’ve been building with Lego for well over 20 years. You pick up on how to engineer sets over time.”

The Lego model was first teased in March 2023 in a “Lego mock sneak peak” Reddit post to celebrate the release date announcement for Starfield.

A rear view of the Lego Starfield ship made by Redditor MartianBuddy3

MartianBuddy3 has stated on Reddit that they have considered submitting their creation to Lego Ideas – a program which turns fan-made Lego sets into commercially available build kits. If Lego Ideas accept the submission, MartianBuddy3’s Starfield-inspired creation could be on shelves in the near future. Fortunately, even if the idea is never submitted to Lego Ideas, MartianBuddy3 has already announced plans to release the instructions “sometime after [Starfield] releases.”

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