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Get nostalgic with this Starfield Magic School Bus build

This Starfield Magic School Bus build lets you relive Ms. Frizzle’s galactic adventures inside Bethesda’s enormous science-fiction RPG.

Get nostalgic with this Starfield Magic School Bus build

While the first week of Bethesda’s much anticipated deep space RPG has given us plenty of exciting ship designs, our favorite so far has to be this Starfield Magic School Bus build. It’s not just us who enjoy this one, though, with just under 10,000 upvotes in less than 24 hours on the Starfield Reddit. That’s even more than some of the impressive Star Wars-influenced ship designs we’ve seen.

For those who don’t know, the Magic School Bus is a nostalgic soft spot for many of us nineties babies, with the show of the same name capturing the hearts and imaginations of countless childhood viewers. The Magic School Bus build brings that magic back to life perfectly, even if it does look a little bit like a Transformer. Now all we’re waiting for is an inventive mod to turn Andreja into Ms. Frizzle and we’re ready to relive our youth.

The design of Reddit user SP7R’s Magic School Bus build looks just like the one from the cartoon, with the exception of missing wheels and no on-board schoolchildren going on intergalactic field trips. Given how many aggressive ships litter the Starfield systems, it’s probably for the best. Still, you can’t deny how impressive this creation looks out in space, and we just know we’re going to spend hours in the ship editor trying to recreate it.

Screenshot of the Starfield Magic School Bus build in the edit menu

If you’re trying to get the most out of the in-game ship editing tools yourself, be sure to take a look at our Starfield ships hub. With space travel such a big part of this game, we’ve got a whole guide dedicated to how to make improvements to your ship or purchase something with a little more firepower. Unfortunately, we don’t have much advice on creating your own Magic School Bus build, but we can help you out with something a little more practical and less likely to get spotted by spacers.

There you have it, the Starfield Magic School Bus build we can’t wait to recreate. While you’re here, be sure to check out our guide to the best Starfield mods, so you can play the game just the way you want to.