Andreja is a Starfield companion and romance candidate, but there’s far more to her and her backstory than meets the eye.

Andreja overview

Starfield’s Andreja is one of several Starfield NPCs you can encounter during your exploration of the Settled Systems. Andreja is affiliated with 2926.

Andreja joined Constellation in 2328, several years after Sarah Morgan assumed leadership of the group. Not long after Andreja’s arrival Sam Coe and Cora Coe were inducted into the organization too.

Growing up, Andreja was raised within House Va’ruun, and trained to be a spy. Her handler, whom you meet in the Divided Loyalties mission, instructed Andreja to spy upon Constellation. Fortunately for Andreja, Sarah Morgan and the other members were not only welcoming, but they also knew she was a spy from the outset. Forgiving her completely, Constellation allowed Andreja to stay with them.

Since then, Andreja has been an avid and independent explorer who feels like the odd one out, despite Constellation’s acceptance of her.

How to romance Andreja

You’ll need to unlock Andreja as a Starfield companion by completing the Into the Unknown mission before you can romance her.

Andreja considers herself to be an outsider. Incredibly independent, Andreja doesn’t like to rely on anyone for help, and appreciates Spacefarers that support than independence. Shortly after meeting her, Andreja will ask you to keep a secret from Vladimir Sall. This is where your relationship with Andreja begins. Keep her secret, and Andreja will begin to trust you.

Spend as much time with Andreja to unlock her romance options. Andreja is a more forgiving companion than most, so can still join the Crimson Fleet without upsetting her.

Screenshot of the Starfield Andreja NPC and companion.

As you build up affinity and Andreja asks to speak with you, you’ll learn that she was raised in House Va’ruun. If you want to romance Andreja, you MUST ensure you do not react poorly to these revelations, or you will negatively impact your affinity with Andreja.

Once your affinity is high enough, you will unlock [Flirt] dialog options which will eventually lead to the Dividied Loyalties mission. Complete the quest, and you will unlock the commitment romance options for Andreja. Should you select the commitment option, you will begin the quest: Commitment: Andreja which will allow you to marry her.

Andreja skills

By recruiting Andreja as a member of your Starfield crew or as a Starfield companion, you can benefit from their inherent skills. These skills can enhance everything from your weapons, your ships, and even your outposts, so choose carefully which NPCs you add to your crew.

Andreja provides the following skills:

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