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One Redditor’s Starfield New Atlantis Lego build has us hoping for the real thing

A Starfield New Atlantis Lego recreation has captured the imagination of the game’s Reddit page, with many more planning their own building block creations.

One Redditor’s Starfield New Atlantis Lego build has us hoping for the real thing

A new game always means fresh fan art, community creations, and in this case, a fantastic Starfield New Atlantis Lego build that we already want to own for ourselves. If you’ve played even a few hours of Starfield, you know just how impressive the structural landscape of New Atlantis is – and if you haven’t, our New Atlantis Map is further proof – which just adds to the spectacle of this creation.

Posted by Reddit user Taris120, this New Atlantis Lego build features all the important locations from the capital of Jemison, from the spaceport you land in on your way to first meet Constellation, to the waterways that move throughout the city. You can just about spotThe Lodge at the back of the diorama, though it’s slightly hidden behind some of the tall buildings that litter the New Atlantis skyline.

This isn’t the first Starfield Lego build we’ve seen, with fan creations ranging from detailed recreations of the Frontier to minifigures inspired by some of the game’s most impressive space suits. With the release date finally upon us, we’re only anticipating more creative fan art and creations from the Starfield community, with the Starfield Reddit page the perfect place to keep an eye out for more inventions.

Full image and credit for Starfield New Atlantis lego build with the Starfield colors on the side of the screen

While some are using the iconic Danish building blocks to recreate designs from the game in real life, others are noting how the impressive Starfield ship creation tools make putting together a new craft for your fleet feel like playing with Lego itself. If that isn’t a compliment to Bethesda’s game design, I don’t know what is.

There you have it, all you need to know about the Starfield New Atlantis Lego design that has captured the imagination of plenty of Starfield Redditors. While you’re here, be sure to check out our own Starfield forum, with members of the community discussing their thoughts and opinions on the newly released game.