The Lodge

The Lodge overview

The Lodge is a Building found on 708, in the 1338 system. Like all other Starfield locations, fully exploring The Lodge for items, NPCs, and missions is recommended.

Located in a quiet, overgrown corner of the city of New AtlantisConstellation’s headquarters can seemingly only be accessed with a Chronomark watch. Inside you’ll find a library-like main room with a mysterious Artifact at its center.

It is here that you will meet several characters including the leader of the Constellation faction, Sarah Morgan.

Struggling to find The Lodge in New Atlantis? Check out our fully interactive Starfield New Atlantis map.

Notable NPCs

Within The Lodge, you can potentially encounter these Starfield NPCs:

The Constellation and Constellation faction maintain a presence at this location.

The Lodge missions

Any number of locations in Starfield can provide you with quests, radiant missions, and Mission Board terminals from which to accept additional tasks.

Here are all the confirmed missions you can begin at The Lodge:

The Lodge items and loot

You can potentially find the following items and loot at The Lodge:

No weapons have been confirmed at this location.

No armor pieces have been confirmed at this location.

No consumables have been confirmed at this location.

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