If you pick up the Kids Stuff trait, you can visit your old Dad in the city of New Atlantis, and he’s all too happy to see you.

One of the optional NPCs you can encounter will only become available once you take the Kids Stuff trait at the character creation screen. Dad will greet you on your visits to their residence in New Atlantis, but it’s unknown what benefits your parents bring to the table in exchange for the 2% upkeep cost. Still, you can’t put a price on family!

Depending on the choices you make in the character creation menu, Dad’s appearance will change to conform to your choices. The same effect will apply to Mom.

Dad overview

Starfield’s Dad is one of several Starfield NPCs you can encounter during your exploration of the Settled Systems. Dad is affiliated with no specific faction.

Dad locations

You can find Dad in one of the following locations:

Dad ships

You can get the following Starfield ships from Dad:

Dad weapons

You can get the following Starfield weapons from Dad:

Dad ship

Once you’ve spoken to your parents a few times and advanced the main quest, Noel will give you a message from Dad which demands you drop everything and head over to Pioneer Tower. Your Dad has been gambling again, only this time he won big and is giving his winnings to you! The Wanderwell ship.

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