Starfield main quest

The Starfield main quest takes you across the Settled Systems in search of mysterious Artifacts and the secrets of the universe.

Starfield’s story can likely be divided into several distinct categories, so we’re putting the page together to collect all of the Starfield main quest missions and where you can find them. We have numerous trailers, interviews, and the Starfield Direct showcase to draw on, but Starfield’s main questline will likely follow a similar flow that previous Bethesda titles have possessed.

How long is Starfield?

It takes the average player around 30 hours to complete Starfield’s main story.

If you’re looking to 100% Starfield and complete all of the Starfield side quests, it could take you as long as 100 to 120 hours or more.

Here are all of the Starfield main missions:

Placeholder image for All that Money Can Buy
  • All that Money Can Buy

    • Summary

      Walter Stroud has a lead on an Artifact. Sounds straightforward, right?

    • Given By Walter Stroud
Placeholder image for Among the Stars
Placeholder image for Back to Vectera
  • Back to Vectera

    • Summary

      Barrett has been kidnapped by pirates. You should probably go rescue him.

Placeholder image for Entangled
  • Entangled

    • Summary

      Your search for Artifacts takes you to Nishina Research Station, where time and space distortions abound.

Placeholder image for Final Glimpses
  • Final Glimpses

    • Summary

      Now that you’ve learned what the Unity really is, it’s time to return to The Lodge.

    • Given By The Emissary
Placeholder image for Foreknowledge
Placeholder image for Further Into the Unknown
Placeholder image for High Price to Pay
  • High Price to Pay

    • Summary

      The Eye is under attack. How you choose to respond will have major ramifications.

Placeholder image for In their Footsteps
  • In their Footsteps

    • Summary

      Having followed The Pilgrim’s path, it’s time to unlock the secrets of the universe.

Placeholder image for Infinity's End
Placeholder image for Into the Unknown
  • Into the Unknown

    • Summary

      Vlad has detected more gravitational anomalies with the Eye, and believes Artifacts could be found there.

    • Given By Vladimir Sall
Placeholder image for Missed Beyond Measure
Placeholder image for No Sudden Moves
  • No Sudden Moves

    • Summary

      Vladimir has intel on a collector that has come into possession of an artifact. Retrieve it.

    • Given By Vladimir Sall
Placeholder image for One Giant Leap
  • One Giant Leap

    • Summary

      You have all the Artifacts now. It’s time to put them together.

Placeholder image for One Small Step
  • One Small Step

    • Summary

      Barrett wants me to take the Artifact to his colleagues in Constellation.

Placeholder image for Revelation
  • Revelation

    • Summary

      With all but one of the Artifacts in your possession, it’s time to confront The Emissary and The Hunter.

Placeholder image for Short Sighted
  • Short Sighted

    • Summary

      Vladimir needs to perform some upgrades and repairs to the Eye. Go help him out.

    • Given By Vladimir Sall
Placeholder image for Starborn
  • Starborn

    • Summary

      A strange ship attempts to stop you as you leave Neon. Just who are these mysterious assailants?

Placeholder image for The Empty Nest
Placeholder image for The Old Neighborhood
Placeholder image for Unearthed
  • Unearthed

    • Summary

      The Emissary and The Hunter have very different outlooks. Time to get to the bottom of this.

    • Given By The Emissary
Placeholder image for Unity
  • Unity

    • Summary

      As Constellation reels from the attack, Matteo discovers a lead.

    • Given By Matteo Khatri

As we gear up for Starfield’s Early Access and release, we are putting together a Starfield missions database which will collate every quest in the game, so make sure to check back here soon after release for a full breakdown of Starfield’s main missions.

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