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Starfield main quest

The Starfield main quest takes you across the Settled Systems in search of mysterious Artifacts and the secrets of the universe.

Starfield main quest

Here are all of the Starfield main quest missions with full information and guides available for each on their individual pages. The Starfield main missions begin with the tutorial, and will take the player on a guided tour across the Settled Systems to ensure the player meets every major Starfield faction and location.

Starfield main mission list

Every Starfield mission in chronological order:

How long is Starfield?

It takes the average player around 30 hours to complete Starfield’s main story.

If you’re looking to 100% Starfield and complete all of the Starfield side quests, it could take you as long as 100 to 120 hours or more.

Feeling stuck? Head on over to our Starfield forum and let us know what objective or mission you’re struggling with, and we’ll do our best to help.