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Muria Siarkiewicz

Muria Siarkiewicz
Summary Mooch can be found in the slums of Akila City.
Location Akila City
Companion No
Romanceable No
Crew Member No

Muria Siarkiewicz overview

Starfield’s Muria Siarkiewicz is one of several Starfield NPCs you can encounter during your exploration of the Settled Systems. Muria Siarkiewicz is affiliated with no specific faction.

Muria death bug

While Muria Siarkiewicz remains a fairly generic NPC in Starfield, many players have reported finding Muria dead in New Atlantis. At present, it does not appear that any player-made choice triggers her death, and that she simply dies as a result of a bug.

Interestingly, this has resulted in the NPC’s popularity skyrocketing among the Starfield Reddit community, with many requesting that Muria be made a companion or follower especially after the NPC’s voice actor – Ell – released a video addressing the NPC’s supposed death.

Muria Siarkiewicz locations

You can find Muria Siarkiewicz in one of the following locations: