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Victor Aiza

Victor Aiza
Summary The man responsible for the creation of the Grav Drive.
Companion No
Crew Member No
Location NASA Launch Facility
Faction NASA

Victor Aiza overview

Starfield’s Victor Aiza is one of several Starfield NPCs you can encounter during your exploration of the Settled Systems. Victor Aiza is affiliated with NASA.

An unusual man, data and audio logs of Victor show he clearly knew the Earth was going to become uninhabitable. He also, somehow, knew how to make a Grav Drive without the mathematics or data to back it up, much to the confusion and suspicion of his colleagues. However, it becomes clear that the very invention Aiza designed was also the cause of Earth’s demise. In truth, Victor was one of the first to encounter an Artifact, whereupon he met an alternate version of himself. His future self told him of everything that would come to pass, all the disaster, but also the hope Aiza’s work would create: New Atlantis.

Victor Aiza locations

You can find Victor Aiza in one of the following locations:

Victor Aiza ships

You can get the following Starfield ships from Victor Aiza: