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Starfield psychic powers are real and they’ll make you feel like Neo

Starfield Direct just gave us our closest look at the game yet, but one moment came as a real surprise - were those Starfield psychic powers?

Starfield psychic powers are real and they’ll make you feel like Neo

Tonight’s Starfield Direct showcase was packed with new information and reveals. But one moment stood out to us, and it’s the scene where your Spacefarer appears to use Starfield psychic powers to disarm an entire hallway full of enemy goons.

The affected foes float helplessly while the player character strolls through the carnage like Neo in The Matrix.

The moment was shared as part of a deep dive into Starfield’s combat and skills systems, and stood out because it seems so different from all of the hard sci-fi trappings shown elsewhere in the showcase. You can watch it yourself at the 41:36 mark in the video below.

Of course, it remains to be seen whether the ability is truly the result of a psychic Starfield power, and it seems more likely that there will be some kind of technological explanation for the in-game effect. Maybe it’s a result of gravity manipulation. Or maybe all the space pirates are being held aloft by teams of tiny (but very strong) nanomachines. Maybe it’s space magic. Whatever the explanation, it was undoubtedly one of the highlights of the Starfield Direct showcase.

It is even possible that the main storyline will reward the player with this ability once they have come into contact with enough Starfield Artifacts. These Artifacts possess strange anti-gravity qualities seen at Anomaly sites, and could explain how the player character is able to lift their enemies off the ground.

We’re busy deconstructing the whole showcase and will be updating a host of guides, including our pre order bonuses, collector’s edition, and more, so be sure to check back frequently for all the best Starfield details.