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Starfield anomalies

The mysteries of the universe are set to rotate around Starfield anomalies, but what are they really, and where can we find them?

Starfield anomalies

First mentioned in the launch date announcement trailer, Starfield anomalies are another piece of the puzzle to Starfield’s main storyline.

What are Starfield anomalies?

“The Eye is showing signs over another one of those big anomalies” says a voice over the radio in the Starfield launch date announcement trailer. “Maybe you catch a smile and uncover the source of it all.”

Bethesda has been very secretive about the riddle at the center of their universe. We know that Constellation is interested in finding Artifacts which are somehow related to “The Eye”.

As such anomalies could be the location in which Artifacts are found, such as the gravity-defying tower depicted in the announcement trailer. This appearance is significant as Todd Howard has described Starfield as a “hard science fiction” world. Thus, a anti-gravity structures and items would definitely be anomalous by their very nature.

Anomalies could also be caused by “The Eye”, or something that draws said eye towards them.

Where are Starfield anomalies located?

If the anomalies are truly the location in which Artifacts are discovered, then Kreet could well be one of them. We know from the gameplay trailer that the player discovers one of these alien items shortly after facing off against the Crimson Fleet, and that the alien shard is buried in an anomalous rock.

More will be unveiled in time. So, make sure to read up on Artifacts and “The Eye” if you want to unravel the mystique at the center of Starfield. If you want to get ready for the release date, check out the Starfield missions and map guides so you know where to go and where you might encounter more of these anomalies.